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LTS Photos

So I have finally taken the time to get my pictures developped and scanned them onto my computer...
here are a few of them, i didn't take that many at all.

Here is me along with PhiSigWarner from Greekchat. we didn't get to chat much but it was interesting how we finally found each other. We sat at the same table for dinner and while my friend was talking to her, I was kind of listening in and eventually i figured out it was her!

Here is a pic of some of the region 10 women. On the far left is my Archon Tara, next to me in the front (green dress) is Marilyn (RFC 10). Her and I were initiated together - so crazy that we're still together after all this time!

This is a pic of phisigduchess from greechat and me just before the sphinx banquet.

a picture of the Foundation walk. The only one I really know is Bethany, she's in the blue shirt, kind of at the front of the walk....

This is felecia and I. Felecia is a member of a housing corp. We were in the ssame division together. She was VA for her chapter (delta theta) when I was Archon of mine (delta epsilon)

This is Michele (nee marino) I forget her new last name! She was chapter consultant when I was archon and was so great. She is currently a chapter advisor - i think somewhere in Staten Island..

I think that's about it....if I find any more I'll post em.
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