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a little rant about national

i'm sorry, but sometimes national makes me so angry. they are coming to my chapter to investigate a hazing charge. first of all, this makes me very angry, because my chapter does not haze. we got in a lot of trouble about six or seven years ago, before any of the active members were even at school. none of us were hazed at all. but there was a complaint filed by someone at our school and i understand that it's their job to check it out. they tell us that it is going to be an entire weekend where the whole chapter has to sit around and be interviewed one-on-one. and we all have to be there the whole time. they wanted to do it the weekend of rosh hashanah. our president told them this wouldn't fly, because a lot of our girls will be going home for the holiday. so they just told us this week that they're coming the weekend after. that's nice advanced notice. so in order to get out of this we have to have like a big, valid, documented excuse. i don't have one. but my parents are going to be in town, on something totally random and unrelated to me, that Saturday. i would love to see them and go to lunch. but thanks to this bs, i can't.
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