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Important note from community Maintainer and National

Hello Ladies...I have been a not quite as responsible maintainer of this community since school began this semester. I guarentee that I will from now on be more responsible and pay attention to what is being posted and said.

I wanted to aware you that i have made some major changes to the format of this community. I've decided to make this a closed community for the time being due to some of the content that has been included in discussion here. As well as the deletion of a couple of posts/comments. Also, I put an application process on who can join. If you know a sister who would like to join the community, please have her email me, to request membership. It's simply a precautious effort on my part, that is all.

I would appreciate it if you would all go back and do a quick re-read of the info page and if you have any questions feel free to email me.

I'm including a note that Kara Dress, chairman of the National Judicial Board, asked me to foward to you.


To discuss anything about our ritual to anyone who is not a Phi Sigma Sigma (or in this case, online, where is it open for public viewing) is a violation of the Phi Sigma Sigma Oath of Fealty and Sisterhood. If you have any questions about what this means, please contact Phi Sigma Sigma Central Office or visit www.phisigmasigma.org.


Kara Dress
National Judicial Board Chairman

please, if you have any concerns or commetns that you would like to make, but not on here, please, at any time feel free to contact me. My address is: snoworchidgurl@yahoo.com

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