Heather (heatermae8) wrote in phisig_sistas,

Wanted to give a shout out to all my sisters!

Whats our Name!? Phi Sig
What are we going to do!? Dominate
How are we going to do it!? AIM HIGH

Hi! I just wanted to give a huge hello to all you fellow Livejournal phi sigs! I'm new to the whole livejournal stuff but I made sure I joined this community! Hee hee

Well just wanted to say WE ROCK. And I love all of you
Theta Mu chapter
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what's up
glad you are on here
I'm glad i'm on here too! I love reading your journal your so cool! I like how detailed you are.It makes me feel I go to school with you and see you every day! Talk to you later...either on here or on greek chat!
OMG!!! I can't believe I forgot about that cheer!!!!

welcome to the community :)

Theta Mu...ahhh I miss California...

I'm an alum from Theta Upsilon in southern california, and i'm originally from northern cali. I keep meaning to try and make a road trip over to Stanislaus, i've already met some of hte ladies at sac :)

LITP!!! crystal

Hi! Thanks for the welcome. You should for sure road trip up here; you'd have a blast! You can room with me!;) I roomed with Tamara the current Archon of Theta Upsilon at LTS. She is awesome!! Her and I hit it off the first day, I miss her! Can't wait to get to know you more too!
Hey i don't know if i should be leaving comments on ur livejournal, but i thought i would give it a shot. I'm a phi Sig from the Beta Pi Chapter at Queens College, and i just wanted to say that Phi Sigs rock! and Also What up to all the Chapters writing on this livejournal.

Diokete Hupsala!

Sorry for the inconvience